We have a team of experienced, qualified and successful Instructors to guide you on any style and ambition.
We provide private one-to-one guitar instructions with focuses on :

  • • Techniques
  • • Transcription
  • • Ear Training
  • • Improvisation
  • • Sight Reading
  • • Harmony


Optional grading assessment is offered according to the syllabus of Trinity Guildhall. All students, who took the examinations under the tutelage of the Head Instructor, have obtained 100% passing rates to date.

Personalised Instruction

Our main objective and interest is the pursuit of your passion and your progress at your own pace; individuals with different goals to their learning journey.


Lesson rates, irregardless of grades and levels, are at $195 for 4 sessions of 45 minutes. While schedules are flexible, lessons are conducted on a one-to-one basis only to ensure undivided time and attention committed during lesson.

Our Instructors


Azhar started playing the guitar by exploring different music genres; from the metal sounds of Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, and Metallica, to the flamenco tunes of Strunz & Farah. At the same time, he also counts guitar virtuosos Jeff Loomis, Jason Becker, and Joe Satriani, as well as modern composers Yanni and Hans Zimmer as his biggest inspirations. His passion for the guitar has taken him to teach the instrument in government and as well as music schools for the past 10 years.

Adept in both the electric and acoustic guitar, Azhar welcomes all forms of guitar music and believes that everyone should enjoy it. As an instructor, he strives to ensure that students get the most of the learning experience and learn something new in every lesson.


Dhalif beat over a thousand global competitors at Guitar Idol Competition to reach the Top Ten Grand Finals in the United Kingdom. He has received raving reviews globally.

Although he graduated with a Diploma in Music Engineering from Singapore Audio Engineering, Dhalif's passion for teaching and playing became more prominent over the years.

International Competitions

  1. Singapore JimBeam Guitar Showdown (2nd Place)
  2. ErnieBall MusicMan Dreamscape Challenge (Europe/USA) (3rd Place)
  3. SamuraiFingerz Solo Competition (Canada) (1st Place)
  4. GuitarSiam Pop Woravit Ibanez Guitar Competition (Thailand) (2nd Place)


Izzat is a fluent guitar player who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Lasalle College of the Arts. He has been in the music industry since 2010. Versatile in many genres, his repertoire ranges from a variety of heavy metal, rock, pop, top 40's to jazz. He is a seasoned music educator with years of teaching experience. Izzat can take you from being a bedroom guitarist to standing in front of a stadium audience.

Ming Hui

Starting at the age of 13, Ming Hui embarked on his musical journey jamming around his neighbourhood. He was a self-taught guitarist who strummed along with a cassette player, racing with James Hetfield's heavy down-picking riffs.

He formed his own metal band Deviant and was the lead singer while also playing rhythm guitars. He later progressed to recording his own songs, particularly in the genre of heavy and thrash metal. This is evident in his strong rhythmic playing developed over the years.

Ming Hui furthered his musical journey as a guitarist from the Trinity College London and graduated with Distinction.

He is well versed in various styles including rock, blues and metal, having studied guitar heroes such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Marty Friedman and more.

Ming Hui believes that music is a skill that fulfils dreams. His lessons are filled with intent, fun and are conducted with patience.

Team 2

John Doe

Adventure Guide

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